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ANGVEN partners contribute to the success of our clients by personal and active supply of services and support in the area of marketing/sales and corporate finance. Both areas are based on decades of personal management and consulting experience. A clear focus on selling products, gaining market shares and navigating a company economally are key factors to accomplish sustained success in business. Marketing for ANGVEN is a lot more than a theoretic concept of connecting to customers, selling and advertising products and services. In our point of view marketing is a concept and a powerful setup of instruments to support and achieve company growth, stability and value.

In tech-based companies the technological and scientific substance is well represented in most cases. Our additional input to develop and grow from there is to provide marketing and sales in a way, that has proven concept in MTL-businesses  manifold.

Our understanding of an effective line-up and tool-set includes the following issues:



We help our clients to define and take the appropriate position from the very beginning and to make necessary adjustments during all phases of corporate development. Positioning refers to the company itself and to products and services provided both internally and externally. Together with our clients we establish the matching position in terms of organisation, competition, distribution, pricing , USP´s, value proposition.

Business Model

We develop and evaluate existing business models, compare and benchmark business models to „best practice examples“ and optimise them to find a well-fitting setup and make it easy and suitable for our client´s business environment.

Channel Marketing

ANGVEN has a long lasting experience in establishing channel marketing for B2B and B2C. We know the framework that needs to be installed to get in business with professional customers and end-consumers, setting up partner and direct sales and and implementing all kinds of e-commerce and m-commerce applications. We operate and use innovative tools to measure and evaluate different critical parameters form certain marketing campaigns to ensure their success.

Performance Marketing

At ANGVEN performance marketing is a setup of tools and methods using online instruments and parameters to measure reactions and transactions to and from the market/customers. We aim to increase the speed of growth, reduce time-to-market, enable the soonest market entrance and target a profitable and sustainable growth in generating revenue. We experienced that certain marketing activities – such as campaigns – can and need to be measured in order to be optimised. We examine the entire marketing value chain to explore important success drivers using many different methods such as SEO, SEM, Affiliate-Marketing, cooperation’s, display-advertising etc.

Finance & Controlling

Corporate Finance at ANGVEN includes all different kinds of aspects related to a sustainable continuance of our client´s company. We conduct corporate finance as a comprehensive view on the economic status and preview to upcoming corporate development. ANGVEN has many years of experience in commercial and business management in various high-tech sectors. We know that financial management, taxes, controlling and accounting is sometimes confusing tech-experts. Though controlling is part of a company´s navigation system and indispensable to manage and run the company on the best possible track. Using innovative controlling tools, we make sure, that entrepreneurs receive the right information to the right point in time and will not be perplexed by a number cemetery.

Corporate finance services at ANGVEN include:

  • Controlling (Integrated financial planning, various analytics)
  • Reporting (stakeholder depending)
  • Cash management - Financial review and revision
  • M&A projects, Business valuation
  • Financing (finance mix, equity, loans, subsidies)